CakePHP Development

CakePHP Development

CakePHP has been made to make common web-development tasks less time consuming. It has an all-in-one-toolbox through which use can work on different parts of CakePHP together or separately. This happens become CakePHP has a modern PHP framework that requires less code and has a flexible database access layer with a scaffolding system. Its basic structure covers class names, file names, database table name and other conventions. While it does take some time to learn the conventions, one can avoid unnecessary configuration and make the application work with various projects.

Parts of CakePHP

  1. The Model Layer: This is the part that implements business logic. This part handles data – processing, validating and associating it with other tasks. On a social networking website, the model layer would take on the tasks of saving user data, saving the user’s friends’ data and associations, storing and retrieving photographs and making suggestions for new friends.
  2. The View Layer: This is responsible for any presentational interface the application may need. You can re-use your presentation logic by using features such as: view templates, elements and view cells.
  3. The Controller Layer: This layer handles requests from users. It fetches data and gives a response by interacting with both the model and view layer.

CakePHP Tasks we take on

As a company we have experienced professionals who’ve worked on CakePHP development for many years. We take on work in the area of:

  • Development services
  • CakePHP Programming
  • CakePHP Outsourcing Solutions

We can make websites rich in appearance and provide expertise in all areas of development. We have robust systems and high-performance development solutions that we can provide to you.

Why You Should Work With Us:

  • We have a team of dedicated CakePHP developers
  • We have the ability to give you completely customized solutions depending on your business needs
  • We have proven methodologies, a completely transparent system and quality processes
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