Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design?

The customer today is no longer exclusively accessing your website through his laptop. He’s doing it on the go through his mobile or tablet or any other device that he may have handy. This means that your website has to respond to the user based on his screen, platform and resolution.

This requires that flexible grids, layouts, images and media queries should be used intelligently. When the user switches from one device to another, the website should accommodate the changes for resolution and image size seamlessly. The need for a different design development for each gadget should be eliminated.

Responsive web design tools that we use

In order to make your website design responsive we use CSS media queries and CSS transitions, responsive data tables, responsive navigation menus that change automatically for different screens, fluid responsive typography, responsive images and videos and context-aware image sizing.

Why you should go in for responsive design?

Responsive design helps your business grow. It saves you time and money and lets your users use the content on your website the way they want to.

Why you should work with us?

We’re one of the best agencies in the country to work with on responsive websites. Not only is our design creative but our technology is cutting edge. We can make your website look good on any platform – mobile phone, desktop, laptop or tablet. We’ll also give you a content management system or CMS through which you can update your website. For short-term events or specific marketing campaigns we can even give you different landing pages. Having worked with hundreds of clients in different sectors, we have the ability to merge design with your business needs and give you something that is right both for you and your customers.


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